Chapter 3

3.2 Luka Fitting Register (LAR)

In order to be able to guarantee the class C airtightness of the air transport route, the Luka members must have the results of airtightness measurements on fittings at their disposal.

In the Luka Fitting Register, the so called LAR (Luka Appendage Register), these results have been included per type of fitting, with the corresponding supplier. The standard to be used for measuring the airtightness is shown in the register.

Since Luka members apply a minimum class C for the airtightness of the air transport route, the fittings must also comply with at least this class. Fittings included in the LAR comply with the assembly instructions in accordance with NEN-EN 1505 to 1507 and have an airtightness of at least class C.
The LAR distinguishes 18 fittings, the quality standards for each of which are described below:

For the current LAR see Luka Appendage Register (dutch only).

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