Chapter 3

3.2.14 Humidifier

A humidifier, or humidification section, is used in an air transport system to bring the humidity of the air up to the required level and/or to maintain it.

Material quality and thicknesses
For normal comfort ventilation, humidifiers are manufactured from the following materials:

  • Casing: usually of coated Sendzimir galvanised steel; in special cases of stainless steel;
  • Drip tray: stainless steel;
  • Distribution pipe: stainless steel.

Humidifiers should be provided with a drip tray, with a provision for condensation drainage with an intermediate siphon and with sufficient height to compensate for the pressure difference that occurs. The discharge pipe must also be provided with a pressure-free discharge.
Other choice of material, depending on the application, in consultation with the supplier.

The humidifier must have a casing with rectangular connections.

Humidifiers can generally be adapted to existing dimensions. Consultation with the supplier regarding the possible installation lengths of distribution pipes is recommended.

Inspection possibilities
It must always be possible to inspect intermediate humidifiers for leaks and contamination. To do this, when the humidifier is installed, there must be a way to easily remove the humidifier, check all the components of the humidifier and replace them if necessary.

Assembly instructions
Humidifiers must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. If present, these should at least comply with the requirements in section 3.1.4.
The humidifiers must be fixed so that they form a tight and stable unit with the air ducts. It must be possible to mount the water-side connections tension-free.
For steam humidifiers: in order for the steam to be absorbed into the air properly, 2 metres of straight ducting must be installed after the humidifier.

The insulation must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
In the case of adiabatic humidifiers: to prevent condensation the insulation must be vapour-tight on the outside.


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