Chapter 4

4.2 Quality guarantee

The technical execution of the air ducts, as laid down in the chapter " Quality Standards for air ducts", is guaranteed by internal and external controls. In practice, air ducts are often part of a complete pipeline network, for which only limited space is available. The design department and work preparation of every Luka-member are able to make coordinated working drawings with the client that, attuned to the production possibilities, guarantee an integrated duct system. Apart from employing skilled personnel, an optimal and constant quality of the manufactured air ducts is achieved by using modern computer-controlled production equipment.

Each discipline involved in the production process shall closely monitor the constant execution of the work in accordance with the quality standards. If the assembly of the air ducts is also done by the Luka member, the latter ensures that it is done by competent personnel, in accordance with the assembly requirements or assembly instructions set out in the Luka quality standards. The Luka member's installation inspectors regularly visit the projects to check compliance with these requirements and to prevent or manage deviations from the coordinated planning. The Luka member has designed its organization in such a way that it acts in the spirit of the Dutch standard for quality assurance (ISO 9000). In addition, an external check on the quality of the product is carried out by independent quality officials of TÜV Rheinland Nederland B.V. at regular intervals. Non-compliance with these standards is subject to sanctions.
In case a company wants to join the Dutch Association of Air Duct Manufacturers (Luka), balloting takes place based on the solvability and identity of the company's organization. It is also examined whether the member to be admitted is capable, in terms of company equipment, to continue to meet the Luka quality standards. In short: Luka members, each at their own level of size, are reliable construction partners who guarantee the consistent high-quality execution of projects.

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