Chapter 1

1 General


At the time of publication of this quality Guide Luka, in close cooperation with TÜV Rheinland Nederland B.V. and suppliers of air ducts and fittings, has updated the installation instructions and airtightness requirements for
air ducts and fittings, based in part on NEN-EN standards. Coupled with the Class C airtightness requirements for air ducts and fittings, Luka can offer the option to certify the air duct system, from the air handling unit to the discharge ornaments, or the air transport route.

In addition, further technical developments and internationalisation of standards have prompted the Board to request the CET to update the quality Guide accordingly. With this updated Guide the Committee (CET) is confident that they
are able to make an important contribution to the transfer of technical knowledge.

This book will also serve as a basis for the quality characteristics of the products and services guaranteed by Luka members and Luka associated members. Furthermore, clear insight is given into the continuous quality approach of all
members and the method of quality control by the independent institute TÜV Rheinland Nederland B.V., partner of Luka.

With this publication the committee (CET) hopes to have realized yet another added value for the aerospace branch. Luka and those who have contributed to the compilation of this Guide, have exercised the greatest possible care when collecting, processing and compiling the information contained in this Guide.

Nevertheless, the possibility that this Guide is incomplete or contains errors or omissions should not be ruled out. The use of this Guide and the information contained therein is at the risk of the user

Luka and those who have cooperated in the compilation of this Guide, rule out every liability for both damages that might result from the use of this information, as well as damages that may arise as a result of the incompleteness, inaccuracy or incompleteness of this Guide.

Nothing from this Guide can be duplicated and/or made public by means of printing, copying or any other means, without prior written consent from Luka's management. With the publication of this updated Guide, all previous versions
have expired.

Goal of Luka

The primary goal of the association is to promote the technical development of air duct systems in all its aspects.

This goal is achieved by:

  1. drawing up quality standards for the manufacture and assembly of air ducts; this also applies to the assembly of fittings and the airtightness of the systems.
  2. monitoring the quality of the air duct systems manufactured or assembled by Luka members, by applying rules on the monitoring of compliance with the standards referred to and by drawing up penalties in the event of noncompliance with those standards and/or control provisions.
  3. regular checks on compliance with the standards by independent quality officers of TÜV Rheinland Nederland B.V.
  4. issuing a quality certificate, at the request of its members, for installed ductwork, or for the entire air transport route.
  5. Compliance with safety and environmental requirements and quality awareness
  6. Increasing professional competence by providing and maintaining mechanic and chief mechanic training by Luka teachers or by recognised training institutes.

Luka knows ordinary and associate members.

  • Ordinary members are Dutch companies which are wholly or partly engaged in the manufacture and sale, purchase and/or assembly of air ducts.
  • Associate members are Dutch companies wholly or partly engaged in the manufacture or supply of air technical fittings for the air transport route.

The air ducts can be manufactured from galvanised steel, aluminium, stainless steel, plastic, mineral wool or hard foam.
Luka members have special expertise in the manufacture and assembly of air duct systems and occupy a leading position because of their reliability and reputation as quality guarantors. The propagation of quality awareness in the application of production methods, materials to be processed and the checking whether the delivered products meet the Luka quality standards is of decisive importance for the Luka members in their market approach.

The association appoints a working group "Committee Environment & Technology" from its members, which is concerned with the coordination, improvement and updating of quality standards and regulations, both national and international. In addition, the association appoints a working group "Committee for Training" from its members, which deals with the training of mechanics in all its facets.


With this Quality Guide, Luka members once again aim to improve the quality policy in the field of air duct systems. Both members, as well as associated members, are aware that a good quality policy is an integral part of the company policy to be pursued.

This Quality Guide lays down the implementation standards used by the members and is in accordance with the standards referred to in the Annex, which is a list of NEN-EN (European) standards relating to, among others, ventilation.

Luka members have committed themselves to subjecting their products and assembled systems to independent quality inspections. These inspections are carried out by quality officials of the independent institute TÜV Rheinland Nederland B.V. and mainly concern:

  • de hoedanigheid van de te verwerken materialen, van de producten in bewerking en van de half- en eindproducten;
  • the quality of the materials produced and stored;
  • the quality of the assembled air duct systems;
  • the result of the air density measurements.

Luka associated members have committed themselves to subject their products (fittings) to independent quality inspections. These inspections or airtightness measurements are carried out by quality officials of TÜV Rheinland Nederland B.V. or by recognised, accredited national or international testing institutes and concern the measuring set-up, the measuring method and/or the results of the airtightness measurements.

Luka members have their own quality system, based on or derived from the updated ISO 9001.
The installing members have the safety management system according to the latest VCA standards.

In order to increase the competence of air duct mechanics, Luka has developed courses on the levels of:

  • mechanic;
  • chief mechanic.

In these courses, issues such as safety, quality assurance, organization, capacity, communication, reporting, product knowledge, environment and drawing are addressed. Professional competence on the shop floor is an extra guarantee to further increase the quality level of the air duct systems.

The quality requirements resulting from the quality standards are unambiguously recorded and are independently checked during all phases of implementation by TÜV Rheinland Nederland B.V.

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