Chapter 5

5 Environmental policy

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Luka and its members regard the environmental policy as an integral part of the total policy to be pursued, which is aimed at a continuous improvement of the environmental performance. In that respect the association and its members shall make an effort to prevent or limit the negative environmental effects its activities (can) cause as much as possible.

Efforts are made to keep the environmental impact as low as possible by taking preventive measures or limiting measures, both organisationally and technically.

The association and its members endeavour to:
  • Make responsible use of the necessary raw materials and auxiliary materials;
  • Where possible, choose alternative materials with less environmentallydamaging properties or production methods;
  • In the business processes preceding the realisation, reduce CO2 as much as possible;
  • Reduce the energy consumption of the air transport system by continuouslyimproving the airtightness.
In order to effectively and purposefully implement the environmental policy, the association applies the following principles:
  • The members support the environmental policy and are aware of their responsibility in realizing them;
  • The stimulation of environmentally conscious thinking and acting among the members;
  • Compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Because of a pro-active attitude towards environmental laws and regulations and the goals Luka set for itself, this process is stimulated by the CET, Luka's Committee Environment and Technology.

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